Why Become a Member of Unity of Yucaipa

Everyone is welcome at Unity of Yucaipa. 

But when you become a member of Unity of Yucaipa, you are commiting to actively participating in your spiritual growth and expansion (rather than just being a bystander). 

But commitment can feel scary, because it’s an exclusionary process. Committing to creating a bigger, bolder vision for your life means giving up the things that hold you back, and keep you small. 

As a member of Unity of Yucaipa, not only will you have the support to grow your vision, you’ll also have the support of a community that understands your commitment to showing up in your life as the powerful creator you came here to be.


A member of Unity of Yucaipa will endeavor to live in accord with the Unity Principles of love and truth. A Unity of Yucaipa member will contribute to the ministry through their active interest, love, and support. Membership class participation on the 5 Unity Principles is required for membership

Becoming a Member:

Becoming a member of Unity of Yucaipa is easy! All you need to do is email Rev. Deanna, and then we’ll let you know when our next membership class is. All potential members participate in the 5 Principles of Unity workshop. After you take the membership class, the Board of Trustees will vote on your membership, and you will become an official member of our spiritual family.

Maintaining Your Membership

Active Member: A member retains status as an active member through their participation in prayer, service, classes, and giving during the fiscal year.

Inactive Member: A member will become inactive: 

  • Upon absence from the congregation for one year.
  • If their membership is determined by the Board of Trustees, including agreement by the Minister, to no longer fulfill the qualification of active membership. 

Active Members

Once you are a member of Unity of Yucaipa, you can participate in the ministry by:

  • Voting at meetings.
  • Electing members to the Board of Trustees.
  • Offering suggestions to the Board of Trustees.
  • Serve on the Board of Trustees.
  • Serve on our Unity Ambassadors ministry.

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