Our Minister

Rev. Deanna Joseph has been interested in new age metaphysics ever since she was a child. She can remember being the only kid in middle school who wanted to discuss extrasensory abilities, and hauntings.

In her twenties, she was introduced to the philosophy of New Thought and the powerful concept: We are each God expressing Itself in a body,? which inspired her to become an ordained New Thought minister.

Since then, Deanna has been committed to sharing her spiritual journey through teaching, writing, music, and the healing modalities. Some of her influences are Charles Fillmore, Dr. Joseph Murphy, Florence Scovel Shinn, Deepak Chopra, Joan Borysenko, Catherine Ponder, and Dr. Thurman Fleet. Her formal training includes a wide range of New Thought study; including the Unity teachings, Concept Therapy, and CSL.

She is also the author of the forthcoming book, “Navigating Your Power,” a book on Universal Laws and the power of Affirmative Prayer.

She looks forward to sharing the Unity message and fulfilling her own highest purpose: helping other spiritual seekers discover WHO they really are; an Infinite Being in a body.