Welcome to Unity of Yucaipa
Connect. Serve. Grow.


When we connect to others by loving each other as God loves; we connect more deeply to the infinite within us. We have a greater awareness of how God is working through us, and we  become a greater source of good in this world. 


Service is not about what we do. Service is the way we show up in the world. When we see God in others, we see God in all things. Everything we do becomes an act of service because we are guided by the infinite within us.


As we live in awareness of who we are, and how we serve, we thrive. Our lives prosper, and we can serve in greater ways.

VISION: We are a diverse community of purpose-driven individuals doing all the good that we can do.

MISSION: Creating a friendly, supportive space for individuals to live a fulfilled, purposeful life through discovering their brilliant boldness, taking courageous action, and challenging others to do the same.

Why unity of Yucaipa?

Problem: People are worried about the future. They see a broken world; divisiveness, a rising economy, and hateful politics.  


Solution: Understanding that we have a purpose; we are here to be a solution, fill a gap, and hold the light. We are not here to “fix” the world, we are here to bring Light into the world. 


What we do at Unity: Help you understand your purpose, and how to live it:


  1. You are here to remember who you really are; the physical expression of God in this world. Because God is ALL, that means you are an expression of the ALL. You were created with intention and purpose to be here now. And because God is ALL, everything you could possibly need to be in your purpose is available to you. 


  1. Once you remember who you really are, this changes how you do what you do. You show up in your life in a bigger, bolder way. And this changes how you serve. You have a bigger impact in your life, and in the lives of those you love.


So how do you know if you are in your purpose or not?

When you are in your purpose, you live a purpose driven life. Knowing that God is ALL, and you are an expression of that, is what drives you forward. It will feel as if the Universe has your back. You may not know exactly how things will work out, but you are guided to do the next right thing, and you will have the courage to do it, even without a guarantee of a perfect outcome. 


When you are not clear on your purpose, you will struggle. You will feel like you lack purpose. Life will feel hard, and it will seem like you can’t catch a break. You won’t feel comfortable doing the next right thing, because there are no guarantees. You’ll worry about making the wrong choice, and think that choosing safe or not making a choice at all, are your only options.