Your Words Have Power. Choose Wisely.

DLJ 35“Words have magic. Spells and curses. Some of them, the best of them, once said change everything.” ~ Nora Roberts

I remember being a little kid, and speaking the word “Abracadabra” out loud, and really believing that it would change something! Little did I know what powerful truths were contained in that one not-so-little magical word.Abracadabra is a spin-off of an ancient middle eastern phrase that more likely sounded like “Avra Kehdabra.”

It means: I will create as I speak.

Speaking things out loud is so important, that it’s actually the second step in the Creative Process:

1. Know your desire/goal/dream.
2. See IT, feel IT, Speak IT out loud.
3. Repeat till it’s made manifest.
4. Choose a new goal.

But I also believe the written word has power, because it’s also our WORD. I have written out my desired outcome, as if IT’s already true, and later on, sure enough, IT was!

Of course, that wasn’t magic – I put a lot of energy and activity into my life based on those words, as we tend to do?😉

We speak a lot out of habit; our words can be reactions to situations, and those words can keep us limited.

For example:

Why did this have to happen?
Why do these things always happen to me?
Why is every idiot on the road this morning?
Doesn’t anyone know how to navigate a 4-way stop?
I hate the heat.
I hate the cold.
Why is everything so hard?
Why doesn’t anything ever work out?
Why do things come so easy to other people, but not me?

Because our words cause emotions and are based in emotion, which cause actions, we create a habitual way of behaving in the world, based on the words we speak out loud. And most of those words are probably unconscious.

Right now you can speak something new out loud.

I AM Source in a body.
I act on Inspired Thought!
I allow Divine Guidance, and then ACT on it.
I AM guided, loved, and beloved.
I LIVE my life through Synchronicity.
I’m a Synchronicity pathfinder!

What are your words?

Today, my words are: I live in a conscious Universe. What I do today creates a template for tomorrow?<3

XOXO Deanna


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