Your Mind is the Builder

YOU are an Energy Director; this is what you do. All the time. You direct energy through a filter, and then an experience is created just as you are stepping into it.

The Quantum Stuff, Creative Substance, whatever you want to call it, is simply being directed from the unseen into the seen BY YOU – through your filter to create an experience.

The reason it is SOOOOO important to know what you want to create is so that you have the proper filter to direct this energy through.

I mean, imagine you wanted to cook a 7 course dinner for your loved ones – and then you just stood in your kitchen and stared at your cookbook. You cannot prepare a 7 course dinner until you pick out those 7 different courses!

I know Albert Einstein says “nothing happens until something moves,” but something does happen if you don’t move on those 7 courses – people go hungry – or they eat random things out of your fridge – or they end up at the local fast food restaurant. They have any number of other options available, many that are not nearly as lovely as the dinner you’d hoped to prepare.

Write down your desired outcome/experience. Read it over and over. Affirm: I AM created from the Power that Succeeds.

XOXO Rev. Deanna

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