You Get What You Think About Most

When we talk incessantly about what’s bothering us, or what’s ailing us, we are unconsciously giving it a lot of energy and momentum to fill an even great portion of our lives.

Pretty soon, we ARE that which we complain about – we claim it as our own.

This is not to say that we should be in denial or ignore issues that need to be resolved. If we have something that’s ailing us, we need to care?for ourselves.

But we never want to claim anything OTHER THAN OUR DIVINITY.

I may have this or that going on. But it’s NOT me. And it has no power over me but the power I give it.

When we ONLY claim our Divinity, we become solution oriented rather than stuck in the problem.

We become a Force for Good! Which means we can CHANGE those things that aren’t so great.

Affirm with me: I AM Source Energy made manifest!

XOXO Rev. Deanna

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