Why We Give

The Philosophy of Generosity

At Unity of Yucaipa we practice an abundance mindset. We also practice expressing an abundance mindset through the act of generosity and giving. Because, though similar, they are not the same. And this abundance practice can be broken down into a three step process:

Step One

You must have a belief in abundance. Unity teaches that abundance is the belief that God is the infinite source of all things. God is the source of all our good in every part of our lives; physical, emotional, and spiritual. Abundance (our good) is always available to us. However, if we are in a mindset of limitation, we limit the flow of good into our lives.

Step Two

You must practice generosity. We believe God is the source of our good, and generosity is sharing that good with the world. However, if we worry we don’t have enough, that will limit what we are willing to share. If we are worried about sharing, this indicates that we don’t have faith in God being the source of our good. To practice true generosity, we must have faith in God as the source of our good. And then give a little more than we are comfortable giving, but not be irresponsible.

Step Three

You must practice the physical action of giving. In giving we release something of value to us (usually money) in order to serve in a greater way. Our action of giving becomes a catalyst for transformation in our lives. This is why it is written that as we give, we also increase our own supply. It’s a cosmic law; God is the source of our good. In giving we step into the flow of the Law of Circulation, and our good is returned. 

Right action must always follow our beliefs, because belief alone does not change our lives anymore than thinking about losing weight will cause us to lose weight. Right thinking directs our focus to the source of our good; God. And right action (giving) is what follows when we are focused on creating more good. 

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