What You Want, the Universe Wants for You

What you most desire is what the Universe most desires for you too.

I spent years waiting for the Universe to “tell me” what to do. I figured IT had that secret, magical path all set up for me, and IT was just waiting for the perfect moment to spring it on me.

But then it never did.

The first Unity principle is that God is All. That means you – that means me. So to think the “Universe” has some secret information about us, and our path, that is unavailable to us, is counter intuitive – because it’s our intuition and our greatest desires that guide us toward the path that we’d most love.

So while we wait for the Universe to tell us what to do, all of that creative substance remains on alert waiting for us to build something with it.

Whatever experience you desire to express – you have that desire for a reason – you are meant to express it.

So, express it.

XOXO Rev. Deanna

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