What is Freedom Thinking?

I remember when I first read Ernest Holmes describing karma; he said it was simply a mental tendency.

A mental tendency?

A mental tendency is how we tend to think and react when we aren’t thinking about how we think and react. You could say we are each a stereotype. You know how you have that one friend who is a “drama queen?” Or that one friend who is a “know it all?” Or that family member is who always a “victim,” even on the best of days?

And of course, we have our own mental tendencies (though we see them more easily in others).

When we get stuck in a mental tendency, we are on autopilot, and in a sense, asleep in our own lives. We react a certain way because it’s been wired into the neural pathways of our brain over a period of time. That’s why a drama queen tends to be a drama queen. Or a know it all always has to know it all.

But no one has to stay stuck in their mental tendencies. We always have a choice. Even when it may not occur to us that we do.

All of humanity has freewill. Which means we all have the ability to choose how we show up in our day. No matter what’s going on in the world, we can choose to show up as either a highly reactive spectator of life, or we can choose to show up in faith, as a participant in our life, knowing our higher self, our Inner G, will guide our way.

You may not be experiencing freedom thinking if:

  • You believe your good only comes from something outside yourself.
  • You believe something outside yourself needs to change so you can be happy.
  • You feel powerless to make changes in your life.
  • You blame others for your feeling of powerlessness.
  • You cannot forgive or let go.
  • You doubt yourself.
  • You speak words of lack.

Freedom thinking is the ability to choose our thoughts wisely. You experience freedom thinking when:

  • You choose to stop looking for the source of your good out in the world.
  • You stop doubting yourself.
  • You stop speaking words of lack.
  • You have faith in what works through you, for you, as you.
  • You act on faith, even when you don’t have the guarantee of a happy outcome.
  • You change your thinking to change your life.
  • You make choices that honor the divine that you are.

When we are stuck in a mental tendency, and asleep in our own life, we miss out on opportunities. We miss out on the big ideas, and solutions, that could change things in a big way.

Freedom thinking is to show up in your life in faith, and participate in your life with purpose and intention. And there is absolutely nothing outside you that can take that away from you.

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