What is Divine Will?

In spiritual circles, we always?hear about the importance of surrendering our personal will to Divine Will. But when I first heard this concept, I thought it meant giving up a life I loved to do the hard things that Spirit required. YES! I had this belief that Spirit wanted me to give up comfort, and ease, and the little things. In fact – what came to mind was a spiritual practice of contemplating?God all day long, in the rain, while starving myself.

However, since Spirit does not seek to control us (hence, our freewill), Divine Will is something greater; something much more powerful than what we imagine. Divine Will is Spirit’s longing to work through us, for us, as us, so we are co-creating the next brightest experience.

When we surrender our will to Divine Will, we open the way for transformation. Divine Will transforms us, and then transforms our life.

Personal will keeps us?small, and stuck, and limited.

When we?surrender to Divine Will (surrender to our Divinity) we?set loose those Divine Forces to bring our always available good into our life.

Through Divine Will, we allow greater goodness than we could ever ask, or even imagine.

XOXO Rev. Deanna

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