What Doesn’t Move Mountains

I’ve been thinking about something I read recently. 

“And the world shall be built on mercy, and faith shall create heaven on earth.” 

That led to me thinking about these last 20 months, and all that has happened.  Then for some reason, a news headline from the year 2000 popped into my head: STORMWATCH 2000! Ya, I sat glued to my tv that day to wait for that crazy storm they were promising. Well – it sprinkled. I do remember that! 

I know that you know that the media has always followed the premise “if it bleeds, it leads.” Basically, the more drama, the better (for their ratings, that is).

But fear and drama eat at our faith. They eat at our relationships, our creative expression, and the way we show up; for ourselves, and each other, in this world. 

And guess what? When we are in fear, we become very controlling. I know when I’m in fear, all of a sudden I want to tell everyone what to do and how to live their lives; how to vote, eat, pray, love, and how to be well. As if I knew better than the force at work within them. 

When we are controlling, we are not walking in faith…. we are walking in conditions, problems, and limitations. 

So it’s not from fear that we build a beautiful world. That would be impossible because that beautiful world comes from inspired action (which comes through faith, not fear).  When we try to control others, we are not making the space for heaven on earth.  We are just digging ourselves deeper and deeper into fear. 

Mercy is what gives us a foundation of love, and builds our world. And having a little mercy for each other always goes a long way to restoring faith. 

And it’s only faith that moves mountains. There are no stories about fear moving mountains.

It’s faith that paves the way…. blesses our day, and creates heaven on earth.

Big Love,
Rev. Deanna


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