We Are Opening Up (now for good)

So here’s what you need to know: 

Harmony Hall (where we gather for fellowship and food) is now also a viewing area – we have a (sort of) big screen television on the wall, and a speaker, so anyone choosing to space out in Harmony Hall instead of the sanctuary can see and hear what’s happening on the stage. 

During the service itself, anyone delivering from the stage will not be wearing a mask. But we’ll have the first two rows of seating blocked off. 

Not everyone can wear a mask. (And, it’s a HIPPA violation for us to inquire.) So there may be people in the congregation not wearing a mask. Also we are fully expecting some children, and not all children cannot sit with a mask on for that length of time (nor does the CDC require children to wear a mask).

We’ll be following the CDC guidelines for social distancing. 

And you know this part already: we do suggest you bring a mask, and if you’re sick, or running a fever, or have been exposed to someone sick or running a fever, stay home and watch our life stream from the comfort of your jammies while enjoying a hot cuppa. 

Also, please email and let me know that you plan on joining us Sunday. I am SOOOO excited to get to see you.

Also the QUEST Group will continue meeting on ZOOM, but they are back at the church and meet in the Crystal Room.

Big, Big Love,
Rev. Deanna