Walking Each Other Home

Do you know why sea otters hold hands? It’s not just to be adorable (though is really, really is). They hold hands while they sleep so that they don’t drift apart.

In spiritual circles, sleep is a metaphor for not being aware of the Power that created us.

You could say we are “asleep” when we are judgmental, controlling, arrogant, or hateful. When we are walking by sight, we are asleep. When we’d rather be right than happy, we are asleep. When fear and conditions are controlling our choices and actions, we are asleep.

We are awake when we walk in faith. Because to walk in faith, we must be aware of the Power that created us. And because we are aware of the Power that created us, we remember that same Power is at work in everyone else. So we are much more likely to have mercy, compassion, and love for others.

Now even if we have a regular spiritual practice, we can still be vulnerable to slipping into that sleep state of unawareness, or forgetfulness. We may find ourselves fuming about politics, or lamenting about those people that think and choose differently than we do.

This is why the power of a spiritual tribe is so essential to our spiritual and personal growth. There is always going to be someone who is awake in the moments we are asleep.

I can’t even count the times I’ve had my feelings hurt, been in resistance, felt like a failure, been controlling, or had to rage about some ridiculous thing I had no control over, when a kind Unity soul reached out her hand to keep me from drifting. And that love, acceptance, and mercy, opened the door so I could find my way awake again.

Ram Dass says we are all here just walking each other home.

These time we are in, they will pass.

Eventually we’ll stop talking about the pandemic and all the politics surrounding it. It’s only one part of this journey into faith, hope, and love, that we are taking together.

And when we are part of a spiritual tribe, with many hands, the work is lighter, and the journey is sweeter.

Love and Hugs,
Rev. Deanna


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