The Universe is Responsive

There is this idea in spiritual circles that when we have a dream the Universe should do all the work in making that dream come true.?

“If it’s meant to be, the Universe will make it happen.”

Or even: “If the Universe expects me to do that, it will make it happen.”?

That “dream” that we may have – I see that as an entity unto itself seeking a partnership with a physical companion; the “vision” that is seeking an expression. And it’s seeking a channel that is willing to DO THE WORK, and carry as much Light as possible to make IT happen.?

That Vision is in the realm of pure potential, and since it’s only energetic it NEEDS a physical anchor (partnership). We provide that anchor by taking action. The more action we take, the more we help that vision move into physicality.?

There is an expression: Never do more for someone than they are willing to do for themselves. Yet spiritually minded people are all the time expecting the Universe to do all the work.?

Really, to expect the Universe to do all the work is a form of spiritual entitlement, and none of us are so special that the big vision won’t just go find another means of expression if we aren’t willing to do our share.

I remind myself every day that the Universe is responsive, and that I need to prove I’m serious about helping my vision into physical reality so that it won’t go find someone else to do it!?


There is a big vision hunting you too.

XOXO Rev. Deanna

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