The Grace of Fortitude

Here at Unity, we’ve been going through our annual Rainbow Series; this year the theme is Grace and Grit. 

Grit is just my word for the Grace of Fortitude; it’s the grace that gives us the strength to endure, and believe that which others cannot believe. 

Fortitude helps us do the hard things when the easy thing is so inviting and it’s what we’re used to: 

  • Eating healthy when we’d rather just eat that cheeseburger.
  • Working on relationships when we’d rather not open up and be vulnerable.
  • Asking for help when it’s easier to let people think we are doing okay.
  • Working on our goals even when it feels like nothing is moving forward, and our inner circle of support thinks we should give up.
  • Deciding to put our authentic self out there and make new friends, even though it’s really uncomfortable and staying home feels so much safer and inviting. 
  • Telling a loved one their behavior is not acceptable….
  • Leaving a job….
  • Leaving a relationship…
  • Setting boundaries….
  • Learning to say “no” when we mean no instead of “yes” to every request…

I know for me this last year brought lots of hard, uncomfortable situations I’ve never had to deal with before. And maybe that’s true for you too… maybe you’ve had to face a whole bunch of hard things you never imagined you’d have to face. 

I just wanted you to know that I know…. and I know one more thing… your courage is way bigger than the hard things you’ve had to do. And the force that works through you (for you, as you) is way bigger than any challenge on your path. 

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