Struggle is not failure.

We get into “struggle mode” when we start thinking we have to figure everything out, or we think we need to have to have things a certain way.

But feeling that struggle is the indicator that we’ve slipped out of acting according to our Divine Nature.

To get back in alignment with our Divinity, we want to course correct – and put our focus back on our desired outcome. Pour your energy into this?by “seeing it, feeling it, speaking it out loud.”

Remind yourself that God is the everywhere present Source of ALL THAT IS. That means YOU are Divine Activity. And there is THAT within you that will open the way.

Don’t complain about what’s lacking.
Only speak of your desired outcome.
Give thanks for your desired outcome AS IF it’s already in your physical life.

Doing these things expands your consciousness to receive Divine Instruction.

THEN wait for the inspiration to take an action. That action will bring your desired outcome one step closer.

XOXO Deanna

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