Saying Yes to Life

Always Do Your Best is one of the Four Agreements. And when I first heard it, I thought it meant work as hard as you can.

But recently I was thinking about my life, and missed opportunities, or the way my timing has been off at so many points in my life. There was a feeling of regret about not noticing the open doors, or not taking action when I could have.

I haven’t always been in the right place, at the right time. And I don’t always say the right thing, or choose the best thing. But still, here I am, moving forward in spite of myself.

And I realized that for me, to always do my best means to keep saying yes to life; acting in faith, and doing that next best thing. It’s dwelling on something, and worrying about whether it’s right or wrong, that makes me feel stuck.

Saying yes to life doesn’t guarantee that every choice will be the perfect choice. But it does keep us consistently moving forward, so we never feel stuck or limited.

And with every choice that doesn’t work out, there are always more options; more choices to make. We may be able to course correct, and choose again. We may have to figure out how to change something, or rise above something, but however we move forward, we move forward because we keep making choices.

So give yourself a break if you haven’t always been in the right place at the right time, or done the best thing on the right day.

Saying yes to life is how we choose again… and we can end up having a really good day.

And here’s one of my original songs about saying yes to life – I hope you’ll give it a listen:

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