Radical Change

Are you getting tired of hearing about changes yet? We really have had a lot of changes over these last couple of years, and they seem to keep on coming. We have been experiencing dramatic shifts in the value systems we’ve held for generations, and the foundations of long standing institutions are crumbling. 

And no matter how badly we may want things to go back to “normal,” we are moving forward through an evolutionary shift in consciousness that is, so far, leaving chaos in its wake. 

Our Board President, Nicholas Linares, has been talking about radical change (as if ordinary change isn’t enough), because it’s radical change that will move us through the chaos. 

Radical change is not change for the sake of change. Radical change is about truly letting go of the structures that do not work, activating the power of the heart, and surrendering to something bigger that’s seeking to work through you. You see, right now, you have a mission, and it’s likely big enough that you have no idea how  to manage it. Big missions ride the waves of radical change and surrender. 

We already know what hate, malice, and isolation get us; and it’s never transformation. Transformation only comes through the practice of radical change; letting go of what is no longer working for us, activating the power of our magnetic heart, and surrender to that same Power that creates worlds at work in us.

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