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Welcome to Sunday at Unity of Yucaipa

Become Who God Created You To Be

Here at Unity of Yucaipa we understand that spiritual teachings are only powerful when you put them to work.

And to put them to work, we have to keep it simple. 

Heaven is within us. Grace is the Power of God working through us. Love is what we are, and what we do.

Unity of Yucaipa has a 30+ year history of teaching contemporary, practical, new thought Christianity.

What makes Unity a contemporary version of Christianity? 

1. We don’t do fear or guilt.  

2. Heaven and Hell are not places we go, but how we create our lives.  

3. We are here to discover and live our Soul’s  purpose. 

Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, you are welcome here.  

Welcome to Unity


Many people are awakening to the importance of spirituality in their lives, yet find that traditional churches fail to meet their spiritual needs. 


Here at Unity of Yucaipa, we offer what may be the missing piece in your own quest for spiritual understanding and community. 


The Unity Principles are based in New Thought, which is a spiritually based philosophy that focuses on the Divinity in every person. Many influential  spiritual teachers throughout history, including Yeshua, the Christ, taught these same principles. 


At Unity, we believe we are spiritual beings having a human experience; we are not bodies that house souls, we are souls that have a body. We trust in the wisdom of the heart, and honor the spiritual truths found in all religions.

What We BelieveThe 5 Unity Principles

God is All

God is everywhere present, and creator of all things. This means that everything that you see in this physical reality, everything that has ever been, and everything that is yet to be, all comes from God. There is not one thing that did not come from God.

“All that we are and have is God, and we can never be separate from that universal power.” ~ Ellen Debenport, The Five Principles

You are an Expression of God

Because God is everywhere present, and ALL things are created from the substance of God, that means that you, too, are an expression of God. You are the activity of Spirit walking around in a body.

“You are the light of the world.” ~ Matthew 5:14

You Create in Your Life as God Creates in the Whole

In the beginning was The Word. The Word means intention, or consciousness, behind a thought. This means God created the Universe through intention, followed by activity. And, because you were created in the image and likeness of your Creator, you too create in your life through your consciousness (or way of seeing the world). Your way of thinking and acting are what influence your next experience.

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought.” ~ Buddha

Through Communion with God, You Express the Christ in You

To be in communion with God means you surrender your personal will to Divine Will. This is not about? abdicating authority and treating God like a sugar daddy who does everything for you. It’s about moving from ego to soul, and living through the Christ consciousness.

It’s this communion that makes affirmative prayer so powerful; when you are in communion with God, you walk in faith, and not by sight. You’ll know your prayer is already answered, and this deep knowing is what manifests it into your life.

“Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” ~ Mark 11:24

Walk the Walk

It is not enough to know the Truth, you must live it. By putting these principles into action, and living them daily, you allow the highest expression of Spirit to work through you, and therefore invite in the brightest outcomes available.

“Life is consciousness first, then we take action as we are inspired.” ~ Ellen Debenport, The Five Principles


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