Love as Power

I used to underestimate the power of love. I thought love was just that feeling we had toward our favorite people. But then if we don’t share love with those we don’t like, then love is limited. And, if we change our mind about who we love and withdraw it, then love is limited. If we can restrict love – it is not a power at all.

Love is one of the most common metaphors for “God.” Imagine if we are limiting and restricting the power of love, then that would imply God, too, is limited.

I believe that teacher Yeshua said we must love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and might, because LOVE is a cosmic force, unlimited in its nature.

To choose Love (God) we must choose to see the way Love sees…. and see a world full of promise and purpose and opportunities. This is not always easy (hence…. the “might”).

It takes all of our might not to react, hate, judge, condemn, and criticise. It takes every bit of our heart, soul, and mind, to choose from love and not fear.

Love as Power, is the great harmonizing force in this Universe. It heals the perceptions that divide us, and unites and prospers us.

When we choose LOVE, we expand our territory; IT gives us more and more to work with, so greater good is called forth into our life.

This is how we become a force for good.

Love. Is. Power.

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