Keep Track of Your Wins

I have kept a gratitude journal for years. Gratitude is a great way to feel good, and focus our attention on the good that’s already present in our lives. 

However, as an experiment, I’ve moved away from my typical gratitude list to keeping a “wins” list. 

The “Wins” list is just that – a list where you succeeded at something, big or small. Some examples from my wins list are: 

  • I made three promises to myself this morning, and I kept them all.
  • I went to work out even though it was hard to get up.
  • I was snack free today (even though I had to stuff Easter eggs).
  • I made the choice to work on something that takes me closer to my goals, instead of watching Netflix.
  • I used Netflix as my reward for accomplishing my previous choice and it really motivated me; I am so damn smart! 

When we keep track of our wins, something very cool starts happening; we start noticing all the ways that God shows up in our life because God shows up in our life as our wins. 

Everytime we make choice that honors our divine nature, and the divine in others, that’s a win. And we call forth more good through us (for us, as us).

Examples of wins: 

  • Making a choice that takes you toward your happy outcome, rather than away from it.
  • Keeping a promise to yourself.
  • Choosing kindness rather than judgment.
  • Completing a big project, and it brings you joy.
  • Getting clarity on a desired outcome. 
  • Clearing up some unfinished business.

If you want to start seeing some of the ways that God is already showing up in your life, start keeping track of your wins, the big ones, the little ones, cuz they are all God. 

Big, Big Love,
Rev. Deanna

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