Growing the Good

There is a spiritual truth that to expand the life you are living, you must first make constructive use of what you have. And where Unity certainly embraces the principle of visualizing your ideal outcome, dreaming about tomorrow is not enough. We must live this moment, and this day, boldly, with enthusiasm, by doing our very best with what we've got.

Unity of Yucaipa has lived by this principle since it began serving the Inland Empire in the 1950s. The church started off in the home of a Unity member. When they outgrew that space, they rented a room from the Yucaipa Elementary School. Unity kept growing, so eventually they were able to purchase a storefront on California Street. They quickly outgrew this space too, and in the early 1980s they sold their storefront, and bought the property on Avenue E.

Unity continues to grow, just like each of us continue to grow. We’ve got big dreams, but also big plans. We are doing the work right here and now. Come see what’s happening here at Unity of Yucaipa.

And we recognize God as the Source of our supply. Here’s an opportunity for you to boldly be that activity right here and now.


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