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Nov 06 2022


10:00 am - 11:30 am

You are the Tipping Point

The greatest of spiritual teachers, Moses, Yeshua, Buddha, etc., brought such revolutionary ideas to the world, that those ideas eventually created a tipping point in how humanity views the divine.

A tipping point is that moment where everything changes, and you can’t go back to the old way. And when we talk about creating Heaven on Earth, we are talking about creating a tipping point in our own lives, as well as within the world.

We create that tipping point by how we do what we do.

Join us this Sunday as Rev. Deanna discusses the power of being the tipping point in your own life, and what it means to do better.

And this Sunday is birthday Sunday. We’ll be celebrating November birthdays. And right after service we are going to have a special member meeting (it’ll be quick!).

We currently do not have an official space for Sunday School, however we do have the space for our kids club, and we’ll have activities and crafts available during the service.

And remember, we are now meeting at Zero Point Athletics in Calimesa; 1103 Calimesa Blvd.

Bring a coat – it’s a bit chilly!


The event is finished.


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