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The Rainbow Series – Orange -The Law of Mind in Action

“When the Soul wants to experience something she throws out an image in front of her and then steps into it.” ~ Meister Eckhart

Everything in the known Universe was created through the power of the Word: Intention – Let there be light, and Activity – and there was light.

And this is how we create our own experiences, through intention and activity. However, we don’t always rely on the power at work within us, and instead choose create through the lens of lack and limitation.

Join us this Sunday, the second Sunday of our Rainbow Series – Unstoppable in 2023, as Rev. Deanna discusses the Power of Mind in Action, and how it is at work within us, as the Source of all our Good.

For fun, we’ll be wearing the color orange.

Live music with the Unity band.

And feel free to join us before and/or after service for fellowship, coffee, and snacks. Come check out our new set up!

We don’t currently have a Sunday School Teacher, but we do have an activity table for the kids to keep them entertained through the service.

And remember we are meeting at Zero Point Athletics

The event is finished.

Welcome to Unity of Yucaipa