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Jul 14 2024


10:00 am - 11:30 am

The One Question That Changes Everything

We ask a lot more questions than we think we do; why did this happen, when will things work out, what should I do now, etc.

And we can end up asking the wrong questions, and when we do, we can end up feeling more stuck, and more disempowered.

Join us Sunday as Deanna discusses how to ask the right questions, and the one question that changes everything!

Live music with the Unity Band.

And feel free to join us before and/or after service for fellowship, coffee, and snacks. Come check out our new set up!

We don’t currently have a Sunday School Teacher, but we do have an activity table, and a kids club helper for the kids to keep them entertained through the service.

Remember, we are now at our NEW LOCATION: 34590 County Line Road, #11. 


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