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Sep 01 2020


3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

September Full Moon Meditation for the Celtic Heart

In the Celtic Tradition, the poet was a visionary, prophet and an oracle; to be a poet was to be a shaman, bard, and visionsinger. And to the Bard, poetry is more than just words; poetry carries its own powers of enchantment.

This full moon in Pisces invites us to go deep into the soul for our own poem. Deanna will lead a meditation for the Celtic Heart, where the focus will be on retrieving your soul’s poem.

Prior to this meditation, you may want to keep track of your dreams, and bring them to the meditation.

Bring a journal, and prepare your personal space for a sacred experience.

This meditation takes place on ZOOM. The sign in info will be sent to you after payment.

To pay: Go to www.unityofyucaipa.org/give and choose “workshop.”

Investment: $10.

The event is finished.


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