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Apr 09 2022


9:00 am - 1:30 pm

Navigating Your Power and Purpose

Saturday, April 9th

9am - 1:30pm 

At Unity of Yucaipa

Do you dream of living life as a fully empowered soul, but feel like you’re missing something?  

Are you “seeing it, feeling it, and believing it,” yet the law of attraction doesn’t seem to be working for you as well as it does for everyone else?

Do you keep falling for programs that promise instant results?  

That used to be my life. 

It wasn’t until I discovered the Universal Laws, and how to apply them, that I finally started seeing results in my own growth and transformation.  

Understanding the Universal Laws are the key to unlocking deeper, innate wisdom. 

They govern everything in the known and unknown universe. And our lives are governed by these laws, whether we believe it or not, or know about them or not, or like it or not. They are not something we activate. They are not something we can trick into working for us. But they are something we can consciously align with and learn to navigate!

AND when we start understanding the laws and how they work together, all we need to live as an empowered soul suddenly becomes available! 

In this 4 hour workshop we'll discuss the following:
  • The Master Law, and the seven primary Universal Laws.
  • The three most powerful of the secondary spiritual laws; Sacrifice, Karma and  Attraction, along with some common misconceptions about these laws.
  • Understanding and expressing your soul purpose.
  • A step by step manifesting process that works with the laws to create a life of joy and abundance.
There is no one on this planet that can do the work for you. No one has the missing pieces, or the secret knowledge that you are seeking. It’s only when you understand the power of what’s at work within you that you become an empowered creator, and live as an empowered soul. 

 This is a live event at Unity of Yucaipa.

 30 minute lunch break from 11-11:30am.

 Workbook included.

R.S.V.P. By April 7th to make sure you get your workbook.

Workshop Investment: $57.00

Or $22 for previous attendees.

Pay at www.unityofyucaipa.org/give and choose "class/workshop."

The event is finished.


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