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Dec 16 2020


1:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Light It Up Wednesday with Erica Evergreen

Welcome to Light It Up Wednesdays, where we bring the joy, and find the lesson, so we can BE the Light.
This Wednesday my special guest is astrologist, writer, and synchronicity guide, Erica Evergreen.
This is Erica’s second visit with us, and we’ll be talking about what it means to move into the Age of Aquarius.
“In Aquarius, the emphasis is on how the indivisible Divine Spark in each one of us needs to be expressed uniquely.” ~ Erica Evergreen
We’ll be live streaming right on Facebook.
Join us: www.facebook.com/unityofyucaipa
About Erica Evergreen:
Erica’s mantra is “Know Thyself,”
and her aim is strip away all that is not true, and to live fully in dedication to the All.
Astrology is her passion, and helping others uncover the hidden starlight that makes their life glow like the gem it is.
Through her new project, Meaning Garden, she helps and inspires people to connect with self-guidance.
To learn more about Erica, visit her website: MeaningGarden.com 

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