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Jun 24 2020


1:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Light It Up Wednesday with Denise Rosier

Welcome to Light It Up Wednesdays, where we bring the joy, and find the lesson, so we can BE the Light.

Wednesday, June 24th, my special guest is award winning, singer songwriter, Denise Rosier.

We’ll be discussing the power of living with heart, mind, and life wide open, and being open to all that we are becoming (and how to make that happen even in crazy times). Denise will also share some of her original music with us.

We’ll be live streaming:
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Denise is best known for writing music for New Thought spiritual communities, and open and affirming church denominations. Her original songs have been released on 5 solo studio albums, as well as being featured on various compilation albums and television.

Denise’s message is to live with your heart, mind, and life wide open. Open to all that you’re becoming .. open to endless possibility .. open to every opportunity to do, and embody, good.

To find out more about Denise and her music:
Official Website: http://deniserosier.com
Connect: http://facebook.com/deniserosier
Twitter: @drosiermusic

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