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May 15 2022


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Full Moon / Eclipse Celebration

Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio

This is an eclipse of radical acceptance, and surrender. The more we fight to keep things the same, the greater our own suffering seems to get.

With this full moon cycle we will have the cosmic support to create the experience that maybe we didn’t really see ourselves being able to create, and get clear on where we dream either too big, or too small, so we can make a plan to do that next exciting and happy thing in our life.

And, we are also in a Mercury Retrograde, the shadow messenger, so we’ll look at the influence of our shadow in our current choices.

We’ll do a meditation that helps us release what’s in our creative depths.

Following our meditation we’ll break bread together and share in fellowship, so please bring a dish to share.


The event is finished.


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