Navigating Your Power and Purpose

Navigating Your Power and Purpose

If you were going to sail the seven seas, you’d first get a ship worthy of such a journey. And  then you’d make sure you were equipped with the tools for that journey; a compass, a map of the stars, an astrolabe, and sextant.

The same is true of our own spiritual journey, as we travel the vast inner realms to discover our own spiritual gifts and treasures. It’s important to be equipped with the spiritual tools to navigate this uncharted territory.

On my own journey, it was never smooth sailing for me, and my own ship remained stuck in the harbor. Sure, I was able to gather lots of data, but I had no clue how to make any of it work in my life. I was seeing it, feeling it, and believing it, yet I still felt like I was stuck in a virtual version of the life I desired.

It wasn’t until I discovered how the spiritual laws work together, and actually provide us with the tools needed to navigate our own life and purpose, that I finally made it out of the harbor, to begin my adventure on the open seas.

Understanding spiritual laws is the key to unlocking our tools for the journey.

The spiritual laws are principles that govern everything in the known and unknown universe. And our lives are governed by these laws, whether we believe it or not, or know about them or not, or like it or not. They are not something we activate. They are not something we can trick into working for us. But they are something we can consciously align with and navigate!

AND when we start understanding the laws and how they work together, they provide us with the tools to navigate our life and purpose. 

In this 4-week workshop we’ll discuss the following:

The Master Law, and the seven primary spiritual laws.

The three most powerful of the secondary laws; Sacrifice, Karma and the Law of Attraction, along with some common misconceptions about these laws.

Understanding and expressing your soul purpose.

A step by step manifesting process that works with the spiritual laws to create a life of joy and abundance.

If thinking, feeling, and believing don’t seem to be working for you, it’s simply because knowing about the laws without working with the tools they provide is like using a picture of a compass to navigate the seas. 

Harmony and order are present in all acts of creation, and when you understand the power that the Universal Laws have in your life, you become a more empowered creator.

When we learn the language of the Universe, we are given the tools to navigate our life and purpose, and your path is made clear. 

This is a live stream event on ZOOM. 

Workbook included.

R.S.V.P. February 16th to make sure you get your workbook.

Workshop Investment: $44.00

Or $22 for previous attendees. 

Pay at and choose “class/workshop.” You’ll receive sign-in instructions and your workbook PDF after you’ve paid.

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