Doing your best is not settling.

I am a huge fan of the book “The Four Agreements” by don Miguel Ruiz. Especially the fourth agreement; Always Do Your Best.

Recently someone asked me if life wasn’t how you wanted it to be, and you just did your best, does that mean you’ve given up, or have chosen to settle for less than you want?

Doing your best with what you’ve got never means you have to settle for less than you desire.

Doing your best, right here and right now, is about calling forth greater good and expanding your territory.

Imagine your dream is to grow sunflowers, and have a farm where you can look out in the morning and see acres and acres of sunflowers. But all you have is one sunflower seed to start with. If you do your best, and plant that seed, it can yield between 1,000 and 2,000 new seeds. If you continue to do your best, and plant and harvest, you will eventually have your sunflower farm.

We often want things to be a certain way before we get started. Like having the perfect office space before starting a business. Why not start that business from home?

When you make constructive use of what you have right now (not what you wish you had) you open the way for greater good. And you prove to the Universe that you mean business!

Start with that one seed. Do your best, and more will be given to you.

And that’s the Law.

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