Did God abandon you, or are you out of sync?

I recently heard someone comment “it feels like God has abandoned me.” And she really felt this – really believed this.

When we are struggling with something, and have no clarity or comfort, it can feel like God has abandoned us.

But God could no more abandon us than the sun or moon could.

When we feel abandoned, what’s happened is that we are out of sync, out of communion with God (which is indwelling, and always there – it can’t leave) so it’s up to us to realign with the divine within us.

Imagine you were driving from Dallas to San Diego. If you were to get off course, say you took an exit toward San Francisco, it’s up to you to get back on course. You wouldn’t expect your car to do it, or the roads to repave themselves. You’d reroute and get back on track.

As much as I love the idea of the Universe always keeping me aligned no matter my actions, I have to remind myself I have freewill and I’m the one in charges of making my choices.

All of us are at choice, and all of us are responsible for the next thing we choose. And when we choose to realign with our Source, get in sync, we are all that much more empowered because it was our choice; no one made us do it! And because of our choice to get in sync with the divine within, we can experience our divine nature to an even greater extent.

The Universe doesn’t empower us by doing everything for us. We are empowered because we make choices that honor the divine within us.

XOXOXO Rev. Deanna

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