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Cosmic (Law &) Ordering

Saturday, March 30th
10am to 2:30pm
$35.00 (includes workbook)

The Universal Laws are principles that govern everything in the known and unknown universe. And our lives are governed by the universal laws, whether we believe it or not, or know about them or not, or like it or not. They are not something we activate. They are not something we can trick into working for us. But they are something we can consciously align with!

In this four hour workshop we’ll discuss the following:

The Master Law, and the seven primary universal laws.

The three most powerful of the secondary laws; Sacrifice, Karma and the Law of Attraction, along with some common misconceptions about these laws.

A step by step manifesting process to work with the Universal Laws to create a life of joy and abundance.

If thinking, feeling, and believing don?t seem to be working for you, it?s simply because working with one law is not enough; order comes through understanding how all the laws work together.

Harmony and order are present in all acts of creation, and when you understand the power that the Universal Laws have in your life, you become a more empowered creator.

Bring a lunch. Workbook included.

R.S.V.P. to Unity at 909-797-2090: Your name and phone number by March 28th to make sure you get your workbook.