Seek peace, and pursue it

This time of year, many of us have peace, love, and joy on our minds, especially after the challenges of our 2020 holiday season. However, we may not experience as much peace, love, and joy as we’d like just because the busyness of the season includes so much running around, and preparation for the holidays. […]

Why Positive Thinking Doesn’t Change Our Karma

I used to believe that if I struggled in any way, that it must be karma. And, if I wanted to have a great life I had to be super positive, and super nice, even when I didn’t feel like it. So I’d be super nice, upbeat, positive, optimistic, and say yes to helping out […]

10 Day Karma Challenge

Karma is not punishment, it is a mental law; and it can be changed by right thinking and right action. Ernest Holmes, SOM pg 95. Because Karma is a mental law, it’s about how we do what we do; unconsciously, out of habit. And how we do what we do is based on our mental […]

Welcome from Rev. Deanna

Many people are awakening to the importance of spirituality in their lives, yet find that traditional churches fail to meet their spiritual needs. Here at Unity of Yucaipa, we offer what may be the missing piece in your own quest for spiritual understanding and community. Unity, which offers a practical approach to Christianity, is based […]


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