Are We Powerless to Change Things?

At Unity, our philosophy could basically be summed up as “all things are possible, because God is all things.”

However, this simple phrase is not about God doing things for us. If God is ALL things, that means we are an emanation of the God Source, and all things are possible because of WHO WE REALLY ARE; the physical manifestation of Source Energy.

And we are like what we come from; created in the image and likeness of our creator. We are created to create in our lives as Source creates in the Universal.

All things are possible because of WHO WE ARE and HOW WE CHOOSE and ACT.

However, if we decide that an institution can take away our freedom, or if we decide that a person knows us better than we know ourselves, and that they should run our lives, then this becomes true for us. It’s true because we feel it, and comply with it, and let ourselves become subjugated to it.

And then we are powerless to change things because this institution took away our freedom, and this person in our life has decided what’s best for us, and we go into agreement with what happens to us.

We are powerless to change things because we believe we are powerless to change things.

Of course not all things can be changed. Yes, there are laws we must comply with, and weather we must tolerate, and neighbors who may eat, vote, pray, or parent differently than we do. We do not have dominion over our judicial system, the weather, or our neighbors. But we do have dominion over ourselves, and how we think, choose, and act.

We become empowered the moment we remember who we are, and where we come from, and what it is that works through us, for us, as us.

We engage with that power when we decide no institution, and no person, has control over how we decide to show up in our day.

All of us, through free will, get to decide, get to choose, who we want to be every day.

We get to choose to act in faith. We get to choose to be guided by wisdom and compassion.

So, are you powerless to change things? Can you have your freedoms taken away from you? Is there an institution or a person who has the power to decide how you’ll show up in your day?

Whatever you choose, you’re right.

Bright Blessings
Rev. Deanna


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