Unity of Yucaipa

Alchemy in 2024

Sundays at 10AM

Now meeting at 
Zero Point Athletics
1103 Calimesa Blvd, Calimesa, CA

Welcome to Unity of Yucaipa!

We are not your typical church.

Sunday service is at 10am. If you are looking for a welcoming spiritual community that supports both your heart and your mind, visit us this Sunday. We are located at 1103 Calimesa Blvd., Calimesa, CA.
Where We Meet
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Unity as a path to transform­ation.

There is something at work in you, bigger than you can imagine. We can help you find it. 
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An expression of love and generosity towards others

Every act of giving, no matter how small, is meaningful and important and makes a positive difference in the world. Thank you for all the ways in which you give to our church community. Your contributions allow us to continue to serve and support one another, both within our church and beyond.

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Become Who God Created You To Be.

We are a spiritual community dedicated to participating in the expansion of human consciousness, and raising the vibration of this beautiful blue marble we call home.

We believe we are each the emanation of a Divine Creative Force, here to create as our Creator. This means that no matter what unwanted conditions may present themselves in our lives, we have within us a divine spark, an inner brilliance, that inspires us with creative solutions and opens the way for new opportunities.

And right now is a very exciting time for a soul to be experiencing a life on this planet! We are at the beginning of a journey we have never taken before. Our lives are no longer about being spiritually and personally empowered so that we can feel better about ourselves. It’s now time to take everything we have ever learned, and empower each other.

Life is changing in a big way right now, and it’s true, that some of it feels scary. So we want you to remember this one thing; you are divinely designed to thrive in these times.

And here at Unity we believe that the most powerful thing we can do is link our souls together; pray together, celebrate together, and thrive together.
An illustration of a hand holding the world with the words "The world is changing... and so are we."

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