Write It Down, Make It Happen – Book Study

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Write It Down, Make It Happen – Book Study

August 17, 2019
10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Unity of Yucaipa
35393 Avenue E
Love Donation

Over a hundred years ago, new thought writers were sharing information about the power of the imagination, and that when we can focus on a desired outcome, we can achieve that. We just have to know what we want.

In “Write It Down, Make It Happen,” Henriette Anne Klauser explains how writing down your goals is the first step to getting clarity, so you can RECEIVE direction, and then actually manifest those desired outcomes.

This is NOT a book on wishful thinking. This is about taking actions that bring our desired outcomes INTO our lives.

In this 10 week book study, we’ll put pen to paper, and through the process of writing exercises, go deep into our dreams, and gain clarity on our life.

Starts Saturday, August 17th at 10am.

By Love Donation.