Being a Center of Divine Activity

Inspiring growth, purpose, and belonging.

Being a Center of Divine Activity

April 7, 2019
10:00 am - 11:00 am
Unity of Yucaipa
35393 Avenue E

“We have to encompass right now in our thought all the good we can ever hope to experience. For out of that thought comes the joy of our life today and the pattern for our experience tomorrow.” ~ Ernest Holmes, A New Design For Living (p. 123)

We often put off till tomorrow our own good, because we think we have a good reason; work, family obligations, health, etc… whatever the reason, we can get pretty good at justifying it!

However, in this moment we are actually creating a pattern that will repeat itself tomorrow. That’s why as we put off our good, it feels as if we are ALWAYS putting off our good.

On Sunday, April 7th, Rev. Deanna discusses how to be a center of activity right now to create the pattern for your life that you actually WANT to experience!