We are living in some strange and wonderful times. So many people are awakening to the importance of spirituality in their lives, yet find that traditional churches fail to meet their spiritual needs.

Here at Unity of Yucaipa, we offer what may be the missing piece in your own quest for spiritual understanding and community.

Unity, which offers a practical approach to Christianity, is based in New Thought, which is a spiritually based philosophy that focuses on the Divinity in every person.

This Divinity, also known as God, Spirit, Love, the Universe, Source Energy, the Tao, Divine Mind, the Force, etc., is the power that animates everything. This Divine Essence is present in every person, and as we attune to this energy, we become a force for good that has a positive and healing effect in our lives.

At Unity, we believe we are spiritual beings living through a human experience, and that every person is divinity seeking to experience itself.

We are not bodies that house souls, we are souls that have a body.

We trust in the wisdom of the heart, and honor the spiritual truths found in all religions.

I joined Unity back in 2000, and it felt like “coming home.” My hope is that you too find what you’re looking for here at Unity of Yucaipa. Join us on Sunday at 10am, and discover the Unity difference.

Rev. Deanna